Mindfulness Meditation Mondays

I’m certified to teach Mindfulness or Vipassana Meditation.  It is usually done seated and simply requires the meditator to observe his/her thoughts and then let them go. Mindfulness has a way of guiding us back to the present, where we need to be. Nothing can hide from the light that meditation and mindfulness brings to the dark spaces of our consciousness. Anyone with the knowledge of how to see through self-illusions and the ability to look deep inside themselves will have a more harmonious life filled with love and compassion. Mindfulness is an all-encompassing and life-changing skill that can remind us of our own power and purpose, but above all else it is supposed to be simple. By simply being gentle with ourselves and intending loving friendliness towards others, we will stop grasping at what we think we want.  We will instead become aware of what we and others need, simplifying life overall.  Choosing the path of awareness is a commitment to truth.  When mindfulness is present, denial or distraction cannot exist.

“Never mind what I have been taught. Forget about theories and prejudices and stereotypes. I want to understand the true nature of life.  I want to know what this experience of being alive really is. I want to apprehend the true and deepest qualities of life and I don’t want to just accept somebody else’s explanation. I want to see it for myself.” – Bhante Gunaratana

This will be my first Mindfulness Meditation class and therefore will not have a theme like my future classes. The intro will be all about the history, technique and posture of meditation.

When: Monday Jan 22 7:00-8:00pm (classes take place once a month usually on the third Monday)

Where: Station Wellness Collective 107-785 Station Ave, Langford

What: An hour long learning and practice session including:
-History, basic posture and technique (you’ll receive a handout so you can be reminded at home)
-Guided meditation
-Silent mindfulness meditation
-Follow up chat with questions

Price: $15 (exact cash, cheque, e-transfer and credit card accepted).  Please bring your form of payment with you, it will be collected at the beginning of class along with your name and email address.

What to bring:  A meditation pillow if you have one (or rolled up towels) and a mat or blanket to place under your pillow (to cushion your ankles on the floor).  This will allow you to practice the most beneficial posture.  *There will be chairs provided for easy seated posture.*  If you wish to lie down, please bring your own mat and pillows for your comfort.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing.  Arrive 10 minutes early to set up your space.

Please RSVP by selecting “Going” on the Facebook event, or by emailing fletcherbrenna@gmail.com as space is limited.