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Holistic healing of the physical, mental and emotional

Customer Testimonials

From Alyssa

Brenna visited my little cat Lucy and provided her with some animal Reiki after she had been stressed out and misbehaving. It was not only adorable to watch them interact, but I could see Lucy respond and receive Brenna’s lovely healing intentions. She also provided us with some helpful home care advice to work on, and generously offered to check in afterwards.
Thanks Brenna!

From Katie

I had a wonderful, enlightening experience going to Brenna for a reiki treatment. It was calming and afterwards she was able to offer me some suggestions to maintain the peace I felt after her session. I later took her reiki course and was very impressed with her knowledge and ability to teach the practice. She facilitated some wonderful teaching, experiences with reiki, and conversations about integrating reiki into daily life. Wonderful experience overall!

From Carol

I participated in a Reiki level 1 course taught by Brenna. I enjoyed the class as Brenna explained the history, concepts and provided instruction of hands on application. I was able to preform Reiki on family after this one class.

From Meara

Brenna has a very calming presence and I always feel relaxed and revived after a Reiki session with her. She is a very skilled practitioner!

From John

Brenna has a gift for healing… Her care, compassion, skills, and love for her work are undeniable. I had a truly wonderful experience… Amazing practitioner.

From Kayla

I have been seeing Brenna for massage therapy since she was a student at WCCMT. I’ve witnessed her incredible talent when it comes to massage and her progression toward energy healing. Having experienced the fusion of these modalities I’ve been given life changing results. After each Reiki treatment I feel like I have been brought back to the calm stillness I am innately and a sense of great reflection. Her healing abilities reflect her warm,gentle and caring spirit. I highly recommend seeing her for a treatment.

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