Animal Reiki

The practitioner channels and sends Reiki energy to the animal while balancing and opening the chakras. It can be done long distance, or in person with their hands on the animal (or beam energy to it from a safe distance). Animals have chakras (or energy centers) just as humans do.  Blockages can occur in an animal’s energy flow because of stress, trauma, environment, old age etc.  An energetically balanced pet will result in a healthier, happier and better behaved pet.

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Animal Communication

An energetic connection is made between the hearts of practitioner and animal. “Heart speak” occurs via this link. Information can travel in either direction. The information may contain feelings, images, knowings or words. The practitioner asks questions and waits for answers. The animal will respond, or not. I believe if a communication is truly needed, it will occur.

Check out this amazing video of Anna Breytenbach in action!

I use both of these techniques in my treatment of pets.  Please see my rates and services.