Animal Reiki

Using a combination of Animal Communication and Reiki energy healing, I connect with your animal through distance energetically and am able to create a healing plan for your pet. I will ask you what questions you would like to ask them and read their energy. They will receive a full Reiki treatment after a communication. Be aware that sometimes our behavior as animal owners has to change in order for the animal to make a full recovery. The energy of the household has an effect on your pet.  Therefore, I will likely give homework!

I’ll begin by talking to you (the owner) in detail about the pet’s behavior, medical history and what healing needs to take place. I will need your pet’s picture and name to connect long distance. We will set aside a time that is good for the pet (usually when they’re relaxing). You can decide to be present, or not (you don’t have to be, but some owners choose to be with their pet during the session). With your pet being comfortable at home, it will feel safe to open up. I find distance treatments to be the most effective because of this. I treat each pet uniquely.  After the treatment, I’ll email you my notes after the session (usually within 20 minutes) telling you how it went, the answers to your questions (assuming they answer!) and usually give specific homework to complete.

30min distance Reiki treatment & communication …………………………. $30

45min distance Reiki treatment & communication …………………………. $45

60min distance Reiki treatment & communication…………………………. $60

Rates can be adjusted by sliding scale – just ask!

E-transfer or PayPal payments accepted (please send to the email below) I also accept credit card through a Square payment link.

Email or call/text 250-886-7823 to arrange a distance treatment.