All levels include a manual and certificate of completion.  Classes take place at 107-785 Station Ave.  Please email to register or ask any questions you may have.

To register, select “Going” to the Facebook event (if possible) and email with your name (as you’d like it to appear on your certificate) and phone number.  A $50 deposit is required at the time of registration. This can be done by e-transfer (after you receive a response to your registration email) or by credit card over the phone.

Reiki Level One:

  • Learn how to channel energy and feel it
  • Learn in-depth info about the seven chakras and their function in our lives
  • Learn hand placements and how to perform a full Reiki treatment
  • Learn how to perform self Reiki
  • Get attuned to the first level of the Reiki Ray, clearing your energy channels and enhancing your healing power

Prerequisite☆ Experience receiving a Reiki treatment. If you’ve never had one before and choose to see me, you’ll receive the Alumni price of $50 for 60min.



Next course: April 8, 2018

Reiki Level Two:

  • Learn the distance healing symbol and how to perform a distance treatment
  • Learn the power symbol
  • Learn the emotional healing symbol
  • Learn useful treatment tools like how to aura cleanse, beam energy, store Reiki treatments and more
  • Get attuned to the second level of the Reiki Ray, enhancing your healing power and expanding your energy!

Prerequisite☆ Reiki Level One



Next course: TBA

Reiki Level Three (Master Level):

  • This is the Master/Teacher level!
  • Learn the master Reiki symbols
  • Get attuned to the full Reiki Ray maximizing your healing power
  • Learn how to attune students to each level of the Reiki Ray
  • Learn useful treatment tools like basic crystal placement, advanced healing techniques and more
  • Learn tips and hints on how to start a Reiki practice
  • This is for anyone who wants to master energy healing – It’s your personal choice whether or not you start a practice or teach after completion

Prerequisite☆ Reiki Level Two



Next course: March 11, 2018