I’m part of the Swiss Bionic Solutions family.  Browse their products online through my representative link:  brennareikimaster.swissbionic.com

I’m trained to operate the iMRS or “Intelligent Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation System” 


The Health Canada Certified iMRS mat uses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy.  A frequency generator sends a sawtooth electromagnetic signal through the copper coils housed in the mat.  The energized coils create a “pulsed” electromagnetic field that imitates that of the Earth.  By lying on the mat the entire body is surrounded by the field which normalizes the body’s field and enhances cell functioning.

In addition to the body sized mat, there are two smaller applicators for focused pain reduction in specific areas. The local applicator pad with its pair of copper coils is perfect for areas like the low back and shoulders. The probe applicator sends an intense square wave to smaller areas of the body like joints and tendons.

The optional ISLRS (Integrated Sound and Light Relaxation System) goggles and headphones use light therapy and binaural beats to align your brainwaves so you feel like you’re meditating like a monk.  Choose Beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta brain waves depending on the time of day, and from red, blue or green light depending on your mood.

The optional iMORE is a device you clip on your finger that “listens” to what your body needs.  It monitors heart rate variability and adjusts the iMRS signals to dynamically support optimal balance of your body’s regulatory systems.

I have the iGUIDE installed in my device which gives me over 100 different preset settings for specific pathologies like diabetes, cancer, MS and more.

Using all of the above materials, I can offer you a unique, relaxing and effective restorative experience – all you have to do is lay down!

Visit imrs.com and pemf.com for more information on this highly developed technology.