*The Yurt is closed for the Winter due to a heating system failure. You can still book mobile massage with Krystel below*

The Healing Sisters Brenna, Krystel and Thayre will be open every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to provide a variety of healing services. We’ll be working from the beautiful Anam Cara yurt, located in Metchosin just 15 minutes from Langford. We have over 15 years of collective experience as practitioners and have decided to come together to elevate our gifts!

Services will include: massage therapy, counselling, reiki, Thai massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, completion process, PEMF therapy, couples treatments, group mediations, workshops and classes.

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Healing Sister Bios


Brenna 🌿

I’ve been on a journey of acquiring healing knowledge since 2011. After becoming a massage therapist and focusing on healing the physical level, I quickly came to learn there were more levels to authentic healing. The physical, mental and emotional are all connected. To heal on any level, means healing on every level.

Through healing my own anxiety/depression, meditation and Reiki aided me in finding and understanding the deeper roots to my pain. I now aspire to share this knowledge and these healing modalities with the world.

Since adding animal communication, PEMF therapy and the revolutionary Completion Process to my tool kit, I feel more and more fulfilled than ever working in the healing field and helping people realize their true potential. I would love to aid you on your journey of manifesting health and happiness.

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Krystel 🌿
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I often catch myself telling people I’m a ‘massage therapist’ because it’s most relatable and its what I’ve practiced the longest. I graduated as an RMT in Alberta over 10 years ago and I intuitively use massage as a base in many of my sessions. I’m a big advocate of its benefits.

However, I’ve learned that the most profound healing comes from a broader understanding of the body; from a multi-disciplinary approach. Massage treats our musculoskeletal system, but what about our central nervous system? What about our meridians and energy bodies? These anatomies are intertwined and work symbiotically within us.

So over the years, I expanded my tool belt and became a certified reiki practitioner, reflexologist, Thai massage and craniosacral therapist. There is so much knowledge out there and I’ll forever be a student of my craft but I also believe in the importance of mastery. I chose my modalities wisely and connect with them deeply before moving onto the next.

I can provide each modality as a stand-alone session. Its a great way to try them out. Personally, my favourite sessions are the blended ones; uniquely and consciously catered to what you need in that moment.

So! ‘Holistic bodyworker’ (I think) better defines what I am.

Dearest friends, I am an open book and have so much more I could share! I welcome any and all questions so please don’t hesitate to reach out. It is my honour to be a part of your healing journey.

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Thayre 🌿

After many years of work and study in psychology, counselling and spirituality, I can joyfully say that true healing is open to anyone with an open mind and heart.

I completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Counselling in Alberta. I have combined what I’ve learned independently through spiritual study and experience to focus on what works best in healing.

“Transcendental Therapist” is a term I created to best describe what I do. The surrender method, which is a technique that is easy to learn and employ, is a revolutionary and highly effective way to deal with any of life’s challenges. It is light-years ahead of traditional psycho-therapeutic techniques and results in actual healing of deep subconscious belief programs and conditioning.

I’ve discovered how to take the difficulties that life throws at us and use them as opportunities. On the other side of every difficulty is more love, joy, confidence and happiness than ever before. Our day-to-day lives bring the exact challenges needed for growth and evolution. In addition, the spiritual awakening process can bring unique challenges that are commonly misunderstood in the traditional western medical system. So having specialized support can be invaluable.

I have now dedicated my life in service to others. My work is founded upon a deep love for each brave soul navigating the human experience. Nothing means more to me than being able to share my experience, wisdom and energy with other people.

I am beyond excited to be teaming up with lovely and talented healers to create an integrated and unique practice in Victoria, BC.

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