I have had 3 visits with Winter. She’s officially scratched her scratcher in the hallway upstairs and claimed that space! My plan is to slowly spread her territory throughout the house. We’re starting with the upstairs as her home is currently the master bedroom/bath. Another break through was when I patiently lured her into the upstairs office. After I communicated to her “This is your space” she began to purr and mark everything she could find. I’ve never seen her so happy or her confidence so great. I’ve got high hopes for Winter! If her humans stick to their homework she’ll claim the whole upstairs soon.

The second half of my 3rd visit was with Naya the dog. She’s known to be aggressive towards other dogs and people while on walks. She is much better with touch than Winter, so instead of energy beaming, I was able to do a hands on Reiki session on the couch. Fear was her main negative energy. Love and protection were her main positive energies. This can make for an over protective dog. She’s a rescue and is wary of men so the owners suspect abuse in her past. Naya and I connected very well and after some long eye contact I realized this creature was too wise for her own good! I’m very excited to see her again and will split my time between both creatures with each future visit.

By the way, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been when I’m working with animals! … If you or someone you know needs any kind of help with their animal’s health or behavior please keep me in mind! With a bit more time and experience I would love to start aiding animals (and humans!) with Reiki and animal communication.


Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master