I am excited to announce that the theme for my October Meditation Monday is: Emotions

During each meditation session, an emotion (comfortable or not) will always surface. Sometimes they can be intense and overwhelming, occasionally causing the meditation to end. We must remember that these passing mental states are not things, they are events. They are our feedback system telling us how aligned we feel with our energy and purpose. E-motions are just energy in motion! We can learn to concentrate on and fully observe an emotion while adding nothing to it and not missing any part of it. Fear and depression can evaporate under the hot, intense beacon of awareness. Sometimes we might not be able to fully feel an emotion (hurtful or joyful) due to our un-conscious resistance. I will be introducing you to techniques that can lessen your resistance to your emotions and help you to explore the root of them. I look forward to discussing this with you further on Monday October 22nd.

✨RSVP to fletcherbrenna@gmail.com as space is limited
For more info on the class go here and see the Facebook event here.

Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master