I’m excited to announce the first gathering of my White Light Healing Circle series! I’ve felt drawn to group healing after many Meditation Mondays. I started to beam Reiki energy to all the students. I’ve felt the energy grow each time and am gaining a huge interest in how effective group meditation and group healing can be. So I introduce:

White Light Healing Circle – Women, Wombs and Breathwork

With Brenna Reiki Master and Stefanie Miska of Ritual Medicine

Join us for ninety minutes of meditation, breathwork, Reiki healing and connection. Gain some precious knowledge about your cycle and womb from Acupuncturist Stefanie. Enjoy a guided meditation by Brenna Reiki Master and receive Reiki energy healing during a 45 minute breathwork session led by Stefanie. Connect, share and discuss with us in a safe place during your energy opening experience.

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to decrease activity in the fight-or-flight emotion centre of the brain and increase activity in our rational thinking and memory areas. Reiki is an energy healing technique that brings our body’s natural healing system into balance. It decreases stress and heals us on all four levels, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The practice of Breathwork energizes and detoxifies cells, restores balance in the physical and emotional body, and oxygenates the cells. This process helps the body move through stagnant or repressed emotions allowing us to release that is no longer serving us. A full engagement of our body, mind and spirit.

Where: Station Wellness Collective (107-785 Station Ave, Langford)

When: 6:30 – 8:00pm, Monday March 25th

Cost: $20 (exact cash is very much appreciated!)

What to bring: Whatever you will need to be comfortable lying down on a hardwood floor. Pillows, yoga mat, blanket, meditation pillow etc. *There will be chairs provided for easy seated posture.*

Wear loose and comfortable clothing. Arrive 10 minutes early to set up your space. We hope to see you there!

Please RSVP to fletcherbrenna@gmail.com as space is limited.

Stefanie Miska is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Registered Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Her Fernwood clinical practice focuses on women’s health, including menstrual regulation, PCOS, Endometriosis, fertility and pregnancy support. She is a certified health coach and breathwork facilitator. Outside of practice, she enjoys hiking with her small dog, chasing the sun and surf, and connecting over a cup of tea.

Email: hello@stefaniemiska.com

Website: www.stefaniemiska.com

Instagram: @ritual.medicine

Brenna Fletcher is an RMT, Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Meditation Instructor. She started using mindfulness meditation seven years ago in massage school to combat stress and anxiety. It began an awakening and a journey of discovery about what true healing really is. After learning Reiki, she became a teacher and feels honoured to get to pass on the knowledge of ancient energy healing. Brenna enjoys yoga, archery, hiking, drumming and writing guided meditations.

Email: fletcherbrenna@gmail.com

Instagram: @brennareikimaster