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Stop, Breathe and Believe

Sometimes life can feel like an overwhelming mess of responsibilities. In these times, the ability to meditate (or change your brain waves) can allow you to focus on the big picture and life goals instead of getting stuck on the details. You’ll automatically know what step to take next and how to do it as simply as possible. We can make life flow easier for ourselves if we’re willing to stop, breathe and believe!

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

Graduation Photo – Reiki Level One

Congratulations to these three shining stars on their Reiki Level One! Even though we were missing a student today, the class flowed well and once again my mind has been blown by the talent in these new energy healers! Their confidence and intuition is through the roof. So grateful!

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

Reiki Level One Course

After much thought and planning, my next Reiki Level One day course will take place on Monday August 1st from 9:30am-5:00pm at 3024 Hull Road.  It’s $150 which includes a manual and certificate of completion.  I hope you can join me for this magical day!

2 spots left!

Email to register or if you have any questions.

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

Graduation photo! – Reiki Level One

The feeling of helping these magical healers and brand new Reiki practitioners on their journey is beyond words. I’m so grateful they could join me for my first ever class as a Reiki Teacher. Their talent and gifts astound me and give me so much hope. Thank you for your support and love 🙂 Stay tuned for registration as my next Level One class (open to the public) will be some time in July!

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

My Life Lessons of Today

  1. Be here now – living in the past causes sorrow, living in the future causes anxiety
  2. You can run, but you can’t hide – when you neglect your emotions and prevent them from flowing, they will catch up to you sooner or later
  3. Do what’s best for you – no matter what that is
  4. You are your best teacher – all the wisdom you need is inside of you
  5. Have the courage to be vulnerable – vulnerability = strength
  6. Life will ebb and flow – that’s what life is, constant change and movement
  7. Have patience with yourself – treat yourself as you would 4 year old you

And most importantly trust that every decision you make is the right one.  No matter what you do, you’re being lead to your authentic self.  Open your eyes to the signs and lessons that life offers to make it easier on you.  In the end, there is only one path.

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master


Sometimes I expect myself to be super human… With only a day to recover from my Amsterdam flight I stepped into a 4 day continuing education course.  It was amazing though!  Zero Balancing (ZB) is a very effective form of energy healing.  I did not expect however the intense integration time needed after a treatment.  I’ve been a little useless since my first full ZB treatment on day one of the course.  All my body’s energy has been very busy resetting, cleansing and purging since then.

ZB focuses on increasing the energy flow in the bones.  I’m thrilled the CMTBC accepted it as a suitable continuing ed course!  It’s basically a mix of massage and Reiki. The person on the table lies clothed and face up.  The practitioner increases the energy flow by holding a certain amount of tension along a joint.  Like unlocking a door, allowing it to swing open by itself.  The energy can then flow through the blockage and a healthy energy flow results.  I like to say ZB is like a key or a secret code to the body.  You jiggle the key (or move the body) in a certain way, it will unlock.  While I was on the table receiving ZB, the energy felt “clunky” as it released.  The door will swing open by itself afterwards.  This is the integration part.  I would say Reiki in comparison feels more like… the doors dissolve.  Bone has a dense and low vibration and I feel the blockages slowly seeping out.  After the ZB treatment I felt taller, lighter and safe, just as I do after Reiki.

Very old stuff gets stored in the bones.  Today, I felt doubt that had been there since the womb seep out of me.  It was horrible and beautiful.  I spent the whole day alone and some time outdoors (hence the photo) and that helped immensely.  I feel much more myself now.  As I should.  ZB balances you back to zero, your neutral, your authentic self.

Zero Balancing is an amazingly relaxing form of energy healing safe for just about everybody.  I’m definitely going to incorporate it into my massage and Reiki whenever I feel called to.  I plan to take Zero Balancing II next year 🙂  Back to integrating.

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master


Vacation Time!

I will be away and unavailable for Reiki March 30 – April 19.

adventure time!

I’m going on a German river cruise with my mother!  I recently did a reading with my Celtic Tree Oracle Card Deck.  I pulled the card The Sea.  This card relates to the sea and its hidden depths, travel and maternal links.  “The Sea (water) represents the lunar and the female, and it is a link between your place of birth and the lands to which you may have to go on your spiritual passage.”  How fitting!  I’ve been very aware of my moods and growth in relation to the moon and its cycles lately.


I’ve never traveled with my Mum alone and can already feel how life changing this trip will be.  I think understanding presence, mindfulness and female energy will be a theme.  It’ll be the longest I’ve been on a boat and I’m excited to attune my energy to the flow of the Rhine River!

When I return from Europe I attend a Zero Balancing course for my RMT continuing education credits.  It sounds like energy healing for the bones and I can’t wait to try it!

Feel free to contact me through email to book Reiki for April.

Until my return,

Love and gratitude

Brenna Reiki Master

What is Healing?

Healing is:

A lifelong journey into wholeness

Seeking harmony and balance in one’s own life, in family, community and global relations

An instant of transcendence – above and beyond the self

Embracing what is most feared

Opening what has been closed, softening what has been hardened into obstruction

Creativity, passion and love

Seeking and expressing self in its fullness; its light and shadows, its male and female

Remembering what has been forgotten about connection, unity and interdependence among all things living and nonliving

Learning to trust life

♦    ♦    ♦

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

Raising your Vibration Meditation

I found an amazing meditation I’d like to share while going through all my Reiki info. I’m busy making my Level One Reiki course manual!


The purpose of this meditation is to open your heart center and use your awakened heart to open and balance your energies at many levels from the physical to the spiritual.

Steps: Get into your Higher Self state for this meditation.

1. Put your hand over your heart and say to yourself with feeling “I love you. I accept you as you are. I commit to you. You are important. Your life counts.” Say this until you can feel its truth.

2. Ask your heart to guide you to follow its loving way. Ask it to speak to you more clearly. Tell it you will listen. You can trust your heart, for it will always lead you to your higher good. Put your hand down gently.

3. Imagine your heart as a star and let it radiate love and light into every cell in your body. Feel the light from your heart balancing, harmonizing and regenerating your body, enhancing the flow of life-force energy throughout.

4. Spend a moment feeling any emotions that are present right now. Send love to each one that you can identify. Take a moment to listen to your thoughts as they come into your mind. Send love to each thought as it comes up.

5. As you come back to the room, take a deep breath and feel the glow of love throughout your body.

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

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