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Raising your Vibration Meditation

I found an amazing meditation I’d like to share while going through all my Reiki info. I’m busy making my Level One Reiki course manual!


The purpose of this meditation is to open your heart center and use your awakened heart to open and balance your energies at many levels from the physical to the spiritual.

Steps: Get into your Higher Self state for this meditation.

1. Put your hand over your heart and say to yourself with feeling “I love you. I accept you as you are. I commit to you. You are important. Your life counts.” Say this until you can feel its truth.

2. Ask your heart to guide you to follow its loving way. Ask it to speak to you more clearly. Tell it you will listen. You can trust your heart, for it will always lead you to your higher good. Put your hand down gently.

3. Imagine your heart as a star and let it radiate love and light into every cell in your body. Feel the light from your heart balancing, harmonizing and regenerating your body, enhancing the flow of life-force energy throughout.

4. Spend a moment feeling any emotions that are present right now. Send love to each one that you can identify. Take a moment to listen to your thoughts as they come into your mind. Send love to each thought as it comes up.

5. As you come back to the room, take a deep breath and feel the glow of love throughout your body.

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

Making Time For Yourself

This is Beau.  He is my beloved 25lb re-curve bow.  I have been very busy lately and neglecting him.  I went 5 weeks without practicing archery.  When I finally picked Beau up the other day, I felt concerned.  Can I still do this?  Has my skill diminished?

I practice massage therapy 3 days a week and something I always hear from my clients regarding homecare is “I didn’t have time”.  We’re all guilty of this.  I don’t have time for yoga.  I didn’t have time to walk.  I didn’t have time to *insert self care here*.  This shows a lack of self love.

Honestly I did have the time to do archery.  I just didn’t feel like it.  I kept myself too busy and I felt drained of energy when I had alone time.  So I would waste my time and distract myself with something else… possibly throwing away a skill and hobby I loved.

When I did finally shoot the other day, I was surprised.

Made with Square InstaPic

My first round (L) wasn’t bad.  My second round (R) was from a further distance.  I was hitting all over the board until I hit a bullseye with my 8th arrow.  I felt aligned; the same way I always have shooting.  Time changed nothing.  I felt a rush of love and a feeling of profound safety and reassurance.

Archery is something I feel I’m born with.  I can always come back to it.  Everyone has that one skill or talent they were born with.  What is that for you?  That thing that ignites your soul and makes you feel right inside?  Have you spent any time developing it recently?  I urge you to.  It’s part of the self love path and helps to light the way.  Make time for yourself.  Make time for Beau.

Let’s all live the lives we truly want! … even if it’s scary.

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” – Pema Chodron

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