According to her owners, Winter the cat has become more loving lately.  She has been spotted in the upstairs hallway and computer room asking for cuddles from her dad.  She loves her dad soooo much and I realize he’s going to be a big factor in her recovery.  Next I’d like him to spend some time in his room cuddling with her.  The more positive experiences she has in each room the better.  We must replace all the old negative memories of the other cat.  I’m sure a room that smells like dad will relax her completely.

I played outside with Naya the dog on this visit!  I grew up with cats and have been excited about bonding with dogs.  I can officially say I love this dog!  She’s the easiest animal to communicate with that I’ve come across so far.  She was very confident outside and can run like crazy!  I got a good workout and got to observe her in a different and more natural environment.  At one point she was trotting off into the bushes and looked back at me to ask if it was ok.  I said “I trust you”.  I had almost instant regret as she then sprinted off into the woods.  She didn’t go out of my sight though and I appreciated it, later though, I did lose her.  I knew what direction she had gone, but couldn’t see or hear her.  I was preparing myself for a conversation with my neighbours… “Sorry I lost your dog!”  After a few minutes, I concentrated fully on telepathically calling her, telling her I was worried.  Seconds later I heard her collar jingle, getting closer and closer.  I was quite relieved when she appeared.  She gave me this look like “You said you trusted me.”

There was a point during our play on the driveway when she stopped and seemed anxious suddenly.  I think the environment must have triggered it.  We paused and I put my hand on her heart and started the flow of Reiki.  She then turned around and gave me her bum.  I giggled and worked on her root chakra instead.  She started doing her anxious rocking movement on her back feet.  As soon as I felt an energetic release she let go a huge sigh and became still.  We then ran around like crazy again.  I want to get her on a leash and walking the roads soon as that’s where her aggression comes out.

This will be my last visit with them for a while as the owners are doing some unexpected traveling.  I miss them already!

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master