I am excited to announce that the theme for my April Meditation Monday is: Manifestation!

For anything to come into existence in the physical, it must first exist in the mind. Meditation can be used to tune in to your own vibration. Your vibration is continuously expanding out into the universe, and the universe mirrors that vibration back to you. This is more commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction. Using meditation, you can consciously change your vibrational frequency to match what you want to attract into your life. I will walk you through an exercise that can be used during your meditation practice at any time to manifest your deepest desires. The only limitations that exist are the ones you unconsciously create in your mind. If you really want it, it is possible.

I can’t wait to discuss this further with you on Monday April 23rd! RSVP to fletcherbrenna@gmail.com ✨
For more info on the class go here and see the Facebook event here.

Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master