I am excited to announce that the theme for my May Meditation Monday is: Patience! 🌱

Understanding the value of patience involves a deeper knowledge of natural life cycles. In nature, patience is an obvious part of the intricate flow. In society today, we usually deny it and may lable the slow or entropic times of our lives as “bad”. We are constantly busy, moving from one thing to the next and we wonder why we feel we can’t even catch a breath. It is because we are not allowing patience (acceptance of the seemingly unproductive times) that stress is able to tighten it’s grip on our consciousness. Have you ever rushed yourself to do something so fast that you end up being clumsy? The task ends up taking much longer than if you had performed things slow and mindfully. When patience exists, great things are naturally able to come into creation. Our lives naturally cycle through times of creation and entropy. Patience is about being comfortable with the latter. Meditation is the perfect practice to increase your patience. I can’t wait to discuss this further with you on Monday May 21st!

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Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master