*CANCELLED* Thank you so much if you were planning to attend the singing bowl meditation tonight. Unfortunately for your safety we will need to cancel this event. Due to the large amount of snow accumulation in Metchosin, we feel street parking would be unsafe for so many cars (large snow banks made by the plow) and the steep walk down the driveway to the yurt will likely get slippery. We are looking to reschedule this event for next weekend. I will let you know!

Thank you for your understanding.
Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master

We invite you to join Brenna Fletcher and Tara Moore for this high vibration evening in January.

An hour long healing and meditation practice session including…
• A handout explaining the history, basic posture and technique of mindfulness meditation
• Discussion, questions, sharing and support time
• Guided meditation
• Powerful group mindfulness meditation with singing bowls played by Tara
• During this meditation time, Brenna will use Reiki energy healing to connect each person to white light energy to enhance their healing and meditation session (Any energy healers are welcome to add their energy to the circle as well!)
• Follow up discussion with questions

All the info you need to join us for this special evening is HERE

Message from Tara:
Hello dear friends,

I am so incredibly honoured to have been invited to join you all for next month’s White Light Meditation! In a world where many of us operate in a constant state of reactivity to the demands of our busy lives, an invitation to a Sound Bath is a sigh of relief for our nervous system. Vibrational Sound Healing is a holistic approach to experiencing a deeper connection…allowing our bodies the opportunity to open up and reconnect with ourselves. Sound healing has ancient roots in cultures all over the world, and an ancient kinship with meditation and healing. The harmonious vibrations and celestial sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls produce pure sound waves that can be felt through the entire body, allowing us to communicate with our bodies on all levels simultaneously….helping to naturally restore, re-balance, reprogram and rejuvenate. One of the most powerful effects of using sound to meditate….is the transformation of consciousness.
I look forward to meeting you all as we share this high vibrational evening together!
Tara xoxo

We hope to see you there!

Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master