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Meditation Monday – The 5th Element

I am excited to announce that the theme for my November Meditation Monday is: The 5th Element

As living beings we all need the 4 elements to survive – earth (food), water, fire (sunlight) and air. When we sent humans into space though, we realized something was missing. The astronauts were losing muscles mass much faster than anticipated. It turns out they needed what the ancient Greeks called aether (the 5th element). This is the invisible electromagnetic field of our planet. It is intimately connected with the frequencies of our body’s vibration and we need it to function optimally. The Schumman resonance and geomagnetic frequencies combine and create earth’s magnetic field. It cycles through the frequencies of 0-30Hz . Our brain operates at these same frequencies, along with every other tissue in our body. Our bodies even project 0-30Hz. With technology the way it is today (cell phone towers, Wifi, 4G) we’re not always receiving these healing frequencies. Let me give you some helpful tips on how to avoid electromagnetic smog and help you tap into mother earth’s healing vibration with meditation. I hope you can join me on Nov 19th 7-8pm.

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For more info on the class go here and see the Facebook event here.

Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master


Meditation Monday – Consciousness

I am excited to announce that the theme for my July Meditation Monday is: Consciousness!

Meditation is a journey into consciousness and conscious living. We currently live in an ego centered world where we try and change things outside of ourselves to create our happiness. These bursts of pleasure are temporary and do not lead to long lasting happiness. When our awareness of consciousness (the ground of all being and non being) increases, we begin a path to higher thinking. Connection to the source and creator of all reality reminds us that we are all unique expressions of the same consciousness that is continuously learning, experiencing and expanding. This is the simple meaning of life! Be happy and experience the peace and clarity that you want by practicing connection to the collective consciousness. This happens in meditation, and when you reach a certain point and all the stresses of your ego self melt away, you may for a moment “forget” who you are. You simply just – are. I can’t wait to discuss this with you further on July 23rd!

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For more info on the class go here and see the Facebook event here.

Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master

Meditation Monday – Channeling

I am excited to announce that the theme for my June Meditation Monday is: Channeling!

Do you ever wonder why meditation gives us increased energy, better memory, higher knowledge and peace as opposed to struggle? It’s because in the meditative state, we are channeling huge amounts of cosmic energy into our energy body. We need this energy to survive (on top of food, water, sunshine and air). We absorb this energy every night when we sleep, but at a lesser volume. When we do not get enough sleep (or energy) we can become stressed and that will eventually lead to physical illness. By meditating, we absorb enough cosmic energy for our body functions, and more. We can increase our health through knowledge of experience in the meditative state and change our perception. Let me guide you to “no thought state”, the state of ultimate energy absorption. Let me show you the design of your energy body to aid you in visualizing energy channeling. Let me help you understand that by changing your perception with meditation, you change your life (and energy levels) for the better. I can’t wait to discuss this with you further on June 18th!

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For more info on the class go here and see the Facebook event here.

Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master

Meditation Monday – The Breath

I’m excited to announce the theme for my March Meditation Monday is the breath!

Most of us are unaware of the importance of our breath and rarely take time to connect with it. We tend to be chest breathers, only using part of our lung capacity with short and shallow breaths. This is very characteristic of anxiety. The breath is a constant cycle, a reminder that you are alive. Connecting to it through meditation can connect you to the present moment and let you become aware of the many other constant patterns present in the universe. By increasing the amount you belly breathe during meditation, you will begin to notice and control your breath throughout the day and help combat stress. I will be teaching the technique of diaphragmatic breathing during this class which will increase your parasympathetic nervous system and decrease anxiety.

I can’t wait to discuss this further with you on Monday March 19th! RSVP to ✨
For more info on the class go here and see the Facebook event here.

Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master

Heart Connection Celebration

Reverend Terri-Lee Young and Brenna Fletcher Reiki Master would like to invite you to our


This could be called a support circle or healing circle, but we intentionally chose the name Heart Connection Celebration.

We invite every soul to this gathering to learn, practice and develop ways to achieve the best possible relationship with your own heart. This is a safe space to express, feel and change energetic patterns (heal).

We encourage you to stop and listen to the faint whisper of your heart and give yourself permission to let your truest self take the stage. By learning to follow our intuition and make heart felt choices, we can reveal a path of healing and feel secure in ourselves with a healthy level of compassion for ourselves and all beings.

We always have all we need. Essentially, we all are ONE HEART

Where: Station Wellness Collective 107-785 Station Ave, Langford

When: Wednesday March 28th 7:30-9:00pm (Arrive 7:15pm to set up your space)

What: 90 minute long learning, discussion and practice session including:

  1. Insights on sharpening intuition and making heart felt choices with discussion open to the group
  2. Short meditation and ritual (including sage smudge)
  3. A 45 minute practice time for you to:
    a. Practice any kind of energy healing modality you choose ex. meditation, self or group Reiki, creative journaling, mandala drawing etc.
    b. Relax on your yoga mat and accept the Reiki Terri-Lee and Brenna will be giving during this practice time
    c. Relax on one of two iMRS mats and receive a PEMF Therapy session
  4. Follow up discussion

Price: $20 (exact cash is greatly appreciated!) Your payment will be collected at the beginning of class along with your name and email address.

What to bring:  Whatever you need to practice your modality and be extremely comfortable on a hard wood floor! Ex Yoga mat, pillows, blankets, meditation pillow etc. There will be fold out chairs available for seating.

RSVP to Terri-Lee or Brenna in person or by emailing as space is limited. We hope to see you there!

Love and gratitude,
Brenna Reiki Master

Graduation Photo – Reiki Level Two

I’m so proud of these new level two practitioners! They’re the same group that joined me for my first Reiki class back in May. Watching and feeling their power increase yesterday was such a pleasure. They can now send Reiki across space and time! They have a better understanding of their true power! They have opened their minds and hearts to the love and light! Their souls are attuned to the power of the source inside all of us! My energy has never felt so overwhelming as it did yesterday, like it was expanding out into infinity. As my students grow so do I!

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

Energy Check In

Take a moment right now to check in with your energetic body. Close your eyes, relax and take some deep breaths. Become aware of your entire body and how it feels. What area feels lovely and relaxed? What area feels the most tension? Take note of where these areas are located and breath loving light into the places that need it. When you’re finished, identify the chakra closest to your areas of tension and research how to open it. There are lots of things we can do at home to boost a chakra’s energy flow. Have fun!

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master


I’ve been meditating a lot lately for my instructor course. Meditation is the ultimate self observation. You get to know your soul, the deepest level of yourself. This mindfulness eventually becomes a 24/7 practice where you remove all attachment and rejection, and instead practice the feeling of neutrality. Imagine having no barriers to yourself and being able to truly flow with life! Having no expectations, illusions or doubts. This is what mindfulness is and what meditation can do for us all.

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

Reiki Level Two – Nov 13

My first Reiki Level Two course will be:

Sunday, November 13th
3024 Hull Road in Langford

3 spots left

In Reiki Level Two:
-Learn the distance healing symbol and how to perform a distance treatment
-Learn the power symbol
-Learn the emotional healing symbol
-Learn useful treatment tools like how to aura cleanse, beam energy and more

-Get attuned to the second level of the Reiki Ray, enhancing your healing power and expanding your energy!

Email me at to register or ask any questions you may have.

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

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