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Case Study: Winter the cat and Naya the dog – Entry 3

According to her owners, Winter the cat has become more loving lately.  She has been spotted in the upstairs hallway and computer room asking for cuddles from her dad.  She loves her dad soooo much and I realize he’s going to be a big factor in her recovery.  Next I’d like him to spend some time in his room cuddling with her.  The more positive experiences she has in each room the better.  We must replace all the old negative memories of the other cat.  I’m sure a room that smells like dad will relax her completely.

I played outside with Naya the dog on this visit!  I grew up with cats and have been excited about bonding with dogs.  I can officially say I love this dog!  She’s the easiest animal to communicate with that I’ve come across so far.  She was very confident outside and can run like crazy!  I got a good workout and got to observe her in a different and more natural environment.  At one point she was trotting off into the bushes and looked back at me to ask if it was ok.  I said “I trust you”.  I had almost instant regret as she then sprinted off into the woods.  She didn’t go out of my sight though and I appreciated it, later though, I did lose her.  I knew what direction she had gone, but couldn’t see or hear her.  I was preparing myself for a conversation with my neighbours… “Sorry I lost your dog!”  After a few minutes, I concentrated fully on telepathically calling her, telling her I was worried.  Seconds later I heard her collar jingle, getting closer and closer.  I was quite relieved when she appeared.  She gave me this look like “You said you trusted me.”

There was a point during our play on the driveway when she stopped and seemed anxious suddenly.  I think the environment must have triggered it.  We paused and I put my hand on her heart and started the flow of Reiki.  She then turned around and gave me her bum.  I giggled and worked on her root chakra instead.  She started doing her anxious rocking movement on her back feet.  As soon as I felt an energetic release she let go a huge sigh and became still.  We then ran around like crazy again.  I want to get her on a leash and walking the roads soon as that’s where her aggression comes out.

This will be my last visit with them for a while as the owners are doing some unexpected traveling.  I miss them already!

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master


Making Time For Yourself

This is Beau.  He is my beloved 25lb re-curve bow.  I have been very busy lately and neglecting him.  I went 5 weeks without practicing archery.  When I finally picked Beau up the other day, I felt concerned.  Can I still do this?  Has my skill diminished?

I practice massage therapy 3 days a week and something I always hear from my clients regarding homecare is “I didn’t have time”.  We’re all guilty of this.  I don’t have time for yoga.  I didn’t have time to walk.  I didn’t have time to *insert self care here*.  This shows a lack of self love.

Honestly I did have the time to do archery.  I just didn’t feel like it.  I kept myself too busy and I felt drained of energy when I had alone time.  So I would waste my time and distract myself with something else… possibly throwing away a skill and hobby I loved.

When I did finally shoot the other day, I was surprised.

Made with Square InstaPic

My first round (L) wasn’t bad.  My second round (R) was from a further distance.  I was hitting all over the board until I hit a bullseye with my 8th arrow.  I felt aligned; the same way I always have shooting.  Time changed nothing.  I felt a rush of love and a feeling of profound safety and reassurance.

Archery is something I feel I’m born with.  I can always come back to it.  Everyone has that one skill or talent they were born with.  What is that for you?  That thing that ignites your soul and makes you feel right inside?  Have you spent any time developing it recently?  I urge you to.  It’s part of the self love path and helps to light the way.  Make time for yourself.  Make time for Beau.

Let’s all live the lives we truly want! … even if it’s scary.

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” – Pema Chodron

Case Study: Winter the cat and Naya the dog – Entry 2

I have had 3 visits with Winter. She’s officially scratched her scratcher in the hallway upstairs and claimed that space! My plan is to slowly spread her territory throughout the house. We’re starting with the upstairs as her home is currently the master bedroom/bath. Another break through was when I patiently lured her into the upstairs office. After I communicated to her “This is your space” she began to purr and mark everything she could find. I’ve never seen her so happy or her confidence so great. I’ve got high hopes for Winter! If her humans stick to their homework she’ll claim the whole upstairs soon.

The second half of my 3rd visit was with Naya the dog. She’s known to be aggressive towards other dogs and people while on walks. She is much better with touch than Winter, so instead of energy beaming, I was able to do a hands on Reiki session on the couch. Fear was her main negative energy. Love and protection were her main positive energies. This can make for an over protective dog. She’s a rescue and is wary of men so the owners suspect abuse in her past. Naya and I connected very well and after some long eye contact I realized this creature was too wise for her own good! I’m very excited to see her again and will split my time between both creatures with each future visit.

By the way, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been when I’m working with animals! … If you or someone you know needs any kind of help with their animal’s health or behavior please keep me in mind! With a bit more time and experience I would love to start aiding animals (and humans!) with Reiki and animal communication.


Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master

The Chakras

Are you familiar with the 7 Chakras? They are the main energy centers of the body and each one has a specific function in our lives. When they are in balance, cosmic energy flows effortlessly between them and the body is healthy. Unfortunately, stress and suppressed emotions can cause blockages in the energy flow, creating imbalance and illness. Reiki helps to release these blockages and promotes a healthy energy flow!


“What do I need to know before a Reiki treatment?”

Reiki is an ancient style of energy healing. It focuses on circulating and balancing the energy between the chakras (7 main energy centers of the body running along the spine). These chakras absorb and circulate universal life force energy (the energy all around us) throughout the entire body (picture arteries and veins). As the therapist, I’m a middle man, channeling the energy through my body and into the client’s body and aura. I enhance and balance the energy as it enters the client and clears blockages, increasing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

People have different experiences on the table from different sensations (magnetic pull, heat, cool, tingling) to tasting things, seeing things and feeling an array of emotions. You basically lay face up on a cozy massage table, relax and open yourself to the flow of energy. It is best to meditate or try to keep a clear mind during a treatment, but some people fall asleep which is fine too. Whatever healing needs to take place, does.

~ Brenna Reiki Master

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