Reiki is an ancient style of energy healing. It focuses on circulating and balancing the energy between the chakras (7 main energy centers of the body running along the spine). These chakras absorb and circulate universal life force energy (the energy all around us) throughout the entire body (picture arteries and veins). As the therapist, I’m a middle man, channeling the energy through my body and into the client’s body and aura. I enhance and balance the energy as it enters the client and clears blockages, increasing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

People have different experiences on the table from different sensations (magnetic pull, heat, cool, tingling) to tasting things, seeing things and feeling an array of emotions. You basically lay face up on a cozy massage table, relax and open yourself to the flow of energy. It is best to meditate or try to keep a clear mind during a treatment, but some people fall asleep which is fine too. Whatever healing needs to take place, does.

~ Brenna Reiki Master