I’m so excited to help out my neighbours and their beautiful cat Winter. Winter is a gorgeous white/grey fluff ball and is Siamese/Himalayan. She is confined to the master bedroom/bathroom because every time she’s let into the rest of the house she pees… on very expensive rugs and furniture! This has created some tension between her and her humans, who are not cat people and sort of inherited her. The owners are committed to helping Winter heal and become the happy kitty she once was. The peeing started when another cat entered the house. Said cat has been gone for 3 years now, and I believe Winter can gain the confidence to once again be cat of the house!

I had my initial visit with Winter this evening where I communicated with her, performed Reiki and played with her. She hadn’t played in years and was purring the whole time. The owners were worried she might lash out like she usually does and scratch me, but she never did. I taught her humans how to play with her and gave them some homework. A household with 3 people and an anxious dog will be tough to balance, but I’m up to the challenge. My goal is to have Winter strutting free around the house acting likes she owns the place! … And using the litter box exclusively of course.

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master