I will be away and unavailable for Reiki March 30 – April 19.

adventure time!

I’m going on a German river cruise with my mother!  I recently did a reading with my Celtic Tree Oracle Card Deck.  I pulled the card The Sea.  This card relates to the sea and its hidden depths, travel and maternal links.  “The Sea (water) represents the lunar and the female, and it is a link between your place of birth and the lands to which you may have to go on your spiritual passage.”  How fitting!  I’ve been very aware of my moods and growth in relation to the moon and its cycles lately.


I’ve never traveled with my Mum alone and can already feel how life changing this trip will be.  I think understanding presence, mindfulness and female energy will be a theme.  It’ll be the longest I’ve been on a boat and I’m excited to attune my energy to the flow of the Rhine River!

When I return from Europe I attend a Zero Balancing course for my RMT continuing education credits.  It sounds like energy healing for the bones and I can’t wait to try it!

Feel free to contact me through email to book Reiki for April.

Until my return,

Love and gratitude

Brenna Reiki Master