Sometimes I expect myself to be super human… With only a day to recover from my Amsterdam flight I stepped into a 4 day continuing education course.  It was amazing though!  Zero Balancing (ZB) is a very effective form of energy healing.  I did not expect however the intense integration time needed after a treatment.  I’ve been a little useless since my first full ZB treatment on day one of the course.  All my body’s energy has been very busy resetting, cleansing and purging since then.

ZB focuses on increasing the energy flow in the bones.  I’m thrilled the CMTBC accepted it as a suitable continuing ed course!  It’s basically a mix of massage and Reiki. The person on the table lies clothed and face up.  The practitioner increases the energy flow by holding a certain amount of tension along a joint.  Like unlocking a door, allowing it to swing open by itself.  The energy can then flow through the blockage and a healthy energy flow results.  I like to say ZB is like a key or a secret code to the body.  You jiggle the key (or move the body) in a certain way, it will unlock.  While I was on the table receiving ZB, the energy felt “clunky” as it released.  The door will swing open by itself afterwards.  This is the integration part.  I would say Reiki in comparison feels more like… the doors dissolve.  Bone has a dense and low vibration and I feel the blockages slowly seeping out.  After the ZB treatment I felt taller, lighter and safe, just as I do after Reiki.

Very old stuff gets stored in the bones.  Today, I felt doubt that had been there since the womb seep out of me.  It was horrible and beautiful.  I spent the whole day alone and some time outdoors (hence the photo) and that helped immensely.  I feel much more myself now.  As I should.  ZB balances you back to zero, your neutral, your authentic self.

Zero Balancing is an amazingly relaxing form of energy healing safe for just about everybody.  I’m definitely going to incorporate it into my massage and Reiki whenever I feel called to.  I plan to take Zero Balancing II next year 🙂  Back to integrating.

Love and gratitude,

Brenna Reiki Master